Police Out of Pride

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Police out of Pride, out of our lives & out of business now!
GIFS by Dean Spade + Hope Dector. Featuring art by Micah Bazant.

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More on queer liberation and resistance to police & prisons:

Police + Prisons Don’t Keep Us Safe – We Keep Each Other Safe

Queer Liberation: No Prisons, No Borders

Dean Spade: History of Queers Against Police

BCRW is Hiring: Managing Editor for the Scholar and Feminist Online (PT)

The Barnard Center for Research on Women seeks a part-time Managing Editor for our journal, The Scholar and Feminist Online. S&F Online is an online peer-reviewed journal published three times per year that focuses on research and activism related to intersectional feminisms and social justice. Ideally, we prefer someone with experience managing a feminist and/or academic journal.

Responsibilities of the Managing Editor include:

  • Sending S&F manual to guest editors and explaining various processes/deadlines
  • Ensuring we have received suggestions of reviewers from guest editors (3 min.)
  • Contacting reviewers for each piece (securing 2 min.)
  • Explaining our review process and approach to anonymity and sending pieces
  • Securing necessary permissions for reprints/art, etc.
  • Staying in regular contact with reviewers about status of reviews
  • Tracking which reviews have been received, which are outstanding
  • Send reviews to guest editors
  • Arrange meeting to discuss reviews with guest editors (which I will join if necessary—i.e. if there are questions or points of contention)
  • Stay in regular contact with guest editors about status of revised pieces
  • Track which revised pieces have been received, which are outstanding
  • Send pieces to copyeditor
  • Ensure all pieces are received from copyeditor and send to Creative Director for inputting into webjournal.

Managing Editor may also assist with the creation of Additional Resources/Annotated Bibliography for issues, as needed/interested.

This position is part-time, averaging 10 hours per week, and paid on a $15,000 annual stipend.

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and three references to bcrw [at] barnard.edu with subject line “S&F Managing Editor.”

Applications should be submitted as soon as possible; they will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled.