BCRW Community Needs Assessment

BCRW students

The Barnard Center for Research on Women (BCRW) is a nexus of intersectional feminist thought, activism, and collaboration for scholars and activists alike.

BCRW is working to carve out more space for Barnard/Columbia students and community members across New York City. As a feminist center committed to research, scholarship, activism, and artistic practice related to justice and pre-figurative politics, BCRW is asking: how can we shape the here and now to collude with the then and there? How can we enact feminist politics that center lived experience, uplift healing, and move toward the potentiality of more sustainable lives?

How can we:

  • Intentionally plan and organize to move and open access to resources and space?
  • Build and sustain relationships across disciplines, organizing strategies, and artistic practices?
  • Share resources as a mode of healing and support?
  • Understand and meet the needs of students, scholars, organizers, and artists?
  • Carve space for intellectual and creative inquiry?

If you are a Barnard/Columbia student we hope you might take a few minutes to fill out this needs assessment. With this assessment we are hoping to map the needs of the Barnard/Columbia community to fashion actionable steps toward carving out more space and resources for students and community members. Thank you in advance for your time, care, and participation.


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