Create, Record, Inspire!

The Gender Amplified Music Festival is a unique event to “celebrate, support and unite women in the world of music production. This festival aims at identifying and motivating next generation of women music producers.” This year, this magnificent event took place at Barnard College on September 28, 2013, uniting producers, scholars, artists, activists and music enthusiasts.

With an aim to “construct and support safe production studio environment where girls and women can learn music production with their peers and renowned industrial production,” this year’s festival gathered some renowned people in the field. One of them was Ms. Abhita Austin, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of  Hidden Chapel Studios, a boutique production facility in the Long Island which she opened in 2009.

Studio owner and entrepreneur Abhita Austin in front of her powerpoint, which displays the slide "Create, Record, Inspire"

At the Gender Amplified Festival, Abhita shared her experience and journey of starting her career as an intern during her sophomore year in college to opening up her own studio. She focused on her entrepreneurial journey and urged the young talented women in the workshop to take lesson from their setbacks. Talking about entrepreneurship, Abhita mentioned that though entrepreneurship is a life-fulfilling path, it is not for everybody. “It requires you to believe in the magic of the unseen,” she said.

She asked the young passionate women attending the workshop to find a purpose and true love in what they are going to do in the future. Asking them to reflect on their current core believe, Abhita reflected on how to operate in the boys club and asked the future young music producers to believe in themselves and in their hard work. She mentioned her passion and love for this industry as a key factor for her success. She said, “What I love directly goes into my business.”

Three students talk with each other at a Gender Amplified workshop

Abhita recognizes creativity as her most valuable asset and she told the young feminists attending the workshop that creativity helped her reduce her start-up costs. She had mastered the quality of creating innovative ideas out of nothing at the very early stage of her life. She asked the people attending the conference to keep their creative juices flowing all the time.

As a suggestion to the young women entrepreneurs in this industry, Abhita asked them to have a mentor who is doing something at a higher level than themselves. She herself had a mentor from the business industry, though she taught herself on how to make money as none of them showed her the actual path.

Finally, she ended the workshop by giving the main mantra of entrepreneurship and suggested young women to try to change things around them and in their environment. She said its okay to be embarrassed during the first few years of your career but keep on going, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. “I didn’t close the door, I let people come in and I had the most valuable thing during my early days – I had clients.”

Barsa Barsa is a sophomore at Barnard, and a Research Assistant at BCRW. She intends to major in Environmental Studies.



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