the hallowed breath of life: the sacred embodied

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MELISSA LOUIDOR Shange’s work attempts to engage collective recollections that have been passed down through folk tales, dances, and music to recover native memories. These narratives, that were rendered illegible by a constrained formation of knowledge-making, emerge in Shange’s work through language, movement, and physicality; literature is extended beyond the limitations of unilateral expression and becomes a liminal expression that …

Print Media & Black Feminisms of 1979

Courtesy of the Barnard Center for Research Women; "Nubian Woman" cover image reprinted with permission of Brenda Haywood.

SOPHIA RICHARDS Letter from the Editor: This project began to take shape after my first visit to the Schomburg center, where I was nonchalantly flashed a cover of Ms. magazine from 1979, which featured Michele Wallace on the cover. When we learn about history, we tend to do so in monocultures: one group thought one way, while another uniformly disagreed. …



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A Daughter’s Cosmography


NADIA MBONDE Artist’s Statement Inspired by Ntozake Shange’s A Daughter’s Geography, “A Daughter’s Cosmography,” is a series of nine pairings of poetry and photography that reflect on concepts of self-care, self-love, ritual, healing, daughtership, mothering and “the politics of the personal.” These ideas, which blur the boundary between theory and politics, reflect my interaction with Audre Lorde’s writings and poetry …

Archival Futurity

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MEI SUET LOO Visions Through the Archives of Third World Women’s and People’s Collectives

in the times of mothering myself

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DANIA LEWIS “in the times of mothering myself” is a multidisciplinary virtual photo album inspired by Ntozake Shange’s poetry, her multidimensional art, her personal letters and journal entries. My artistic project includes poetry, photography and performance art. The photos are from Shange’s archives which align with the sentiments of healing and black girlhood. Paired with Shange’s photos, I have used …