Black Dance is Black Life

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Art and Artifacts Division, The New York Public Library.

Dianne McIntyre and Black Performance Art NICOLE HINES   “there was a dance that was a black dance/ that’s what it means that black folks cd dance/ it dont mean we got rhythm/…it dont mean just what we do all the time/ it’s how we remember what cannot be said” (Lost in Language & Sound, 68) Dianne McIntyre, dancer, choreographer and founder of the Sounds …

Archival Futurity

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MEI SUET LOO Visions Through the Archives of Third World Women’s and People’s Collectives

in the times of mothering myself

i wish the floor were clearer

DANIA LEWIS “in the times of mothering myself” is a multidisciplinary virtual photo album inspired by Ntozake Shange’s poetry, her multidimensional art, her personal letters and journal entries. My artistic project includes poetry, photography and performance art. The photos are from Shange’s archives which align with the sentiments of healing and black girlhood. Paired with Shange’s photos, I have used …