Nov 12, 2007 | 8:30AM
Satow Room
Lerner Hall, CU

Women, Minorities, and Interdisciplinarity: Transforming the Research Enterprise
Diana Rhoten and Stephanie Pfirman


In the U.S., amid fears of a shrinking scientific workforce and the dulling competitive edge it brings, universities, as well as federal and local programs, have pushed to expand interdisciplinary research. The reason? To attract to the fields of science, mathematics, and engineering the very people who have, historically, been discouraged from practicing them, namely women and minorities. Eradicating gender- and race-based inequalities in these fields is essential not only to realizing social … Read more

Nov 29, 2007 | 5:30PM
James Room
4th Floor Barnard Hall

Towards a Vision of Sexual and Economic Justice
Josephine Ho and Naomi Klein


Sexual oppression and economic oppression are inextricably linked, but the movements that address each of these issues are not similarly intertwined. Contemporary movements for global economic justice, for example, tend to shy away from sexuality issues, while campaigns for sexual rights rarely foreground economic concerns. In some spheres, however, the gap is beginning to close. More and more anti-poverty activists now focus on the spread of HIV/AIDS as a major stumbling block to ending … Read more