Oct 30, 2008 | 7:00PM
The Great Hall
The Cooper Union

Abolition Democracy and Global Politics
Angela Davis

helen pond mcintyre '48 lecture

Since well before the publication of the feminist classic, Women, Race, and Class in 1981, this year's Helen Pond McIntyre '48 lecturer Angela Y. Davis has been concerned about the interconnections among issues, as well as about connections among peoples around the world. In "Abolition Democracy and Global Politics," Davis will present a new and wide-ranging vision for making connections among both issues and peoples. She develops the term "Abolition Democracy" from W.E.B. DuBois's influential … Read more

Nov 17, 2008 | 6:00PM
Julius Held Auditorium
304 Barnard Hall

‘To recross the Atlantic’: Diasporic Art History and the Dialogic Imagination
Kobena Mercer


Drawing on fresh analytical approaches to diaspora studies, Kobena Mercer, the British theorist and historian, proposes a model that identifies cross-culturality as one of the basic conditions of modernity. Discussing the nineteenth-century landscapes of Robert Scott Duncanson, this inquiry into 'race,' representation and visuality foregrounds unexplored aspects of the hermeneutics of the Black Atlantic. Kobena Mercer teaches and writes of the black diaspora. He is an inaugural recipient of … Read more

Nov 20-21, 2008

Gender on Ice

virginia c. gildersleeve conference

Conference kick-off True North Isaac Julien Film screening and discussion: Thursday, 11/20, 7:00 PM 202 Altschul Hall The conference opens Thursday, November 20 with a presentation by award-winning filmmaker Isaac Julien of his short film True North, based on the story of Matthew Henson, the first African-American to explore the Arctic with Robert Peary in 1909. The film screening will be followed by a panel discussion with Isaac Julien, Lisa Bloom, and Monica Miller. Workshop With … Read more