Dance Workshop with Lite Feet legend Chrybaby Cozie

Chrybaby Cozie
Jul 27, 2014 | 3:00pm
Studio 305
3rd Floor, Barnard Hall

Lite Feet legend Chrybaby Cozie

BCRW Alumnae Fellow Ali Rosa-Salas ’13 hosts Lite Feet legend Chrybaby Cozie at Barnard College for a dance class and discussion about this Harlem-founded dance form. For those who want to learn how to do the real Harlem Shake, this workshop is for you. The workshop will be held from 3 PM – 5 PM.

This workshop is a part of Rosa-Salas’ project “No Such Thing As Neutral,” which will culminate in a lecture-demonstration and performance on November 8th.

Register online. Suggested Donation: $10 – no one will be turned away.

Chrybaby Cozie is an entertainer from Harlem, NY. He is one of the forefathers of a freestyle dance called Lite Feet. Cozie has been featured in hip hop videos such as DJ Webstar’s “Chicken Noodle Soup,” and “Dancing on Me,” Jason Fox’s “Aunt Jackie,” and Ron Brows’ “Pop Champagne,” to name a few. He has taught Lite Feet technique at Broadway Dance Center and Peridance, among other preeminent dance studios. Chrybaby Cozie is also the founder of Lite Feet Nation, a youth outreach initiative within the Lite Feet community.

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