Gender on Ice

Nov 20-21, 2008
Virginia C. Gildersleeve Conference

True North still

Conference kick-off
True North
Isaac Julien

Film screening and discussion:
Thursday, 11/20, 7:00 PM
202 Altschul Hall

The conference opens Thursday, November 20 with a presentation by award-winning filmmaker Isaac Julien of his short film True North, based on the story of Matthew Henson, the first African-American to explore the Arctic with Robert Peary in 1909. The film screening will be followed by a panel discussion with Isaac Julien, Lisa Bloom, and Monica Miller.

With Roslyn Silver ’27 Science Fellowship Lecture by Gabrielle Walker

Friday, 11/21
9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Registration in Barnard Hall Lobby

Stunning shifts in the ice of Polar environments underscore the growing need to understand the relations between the environment and human activity and policy. As the ice melts in both regions, the Arctic and Antarctic have once again become objects of international competition as well as sites of research and concern. Drawing on the natural sciences, the social sciences, history, literature, and the arts, this interdisciplinary workshop focuses on the intersection of science, policy, race, and gender in the way the Arctic and Antarctic are studied, represented, inhabited, and imagined.

Panelists include: Subhankar Banerjee, photographer and Arctic educator-activist; Lisa Bloom, Visiting Professor at the University of California San Diego and author of Gender on Ice; An-My Le, Assistant Professor of Photography at Bard College and artist; Chris Cuomo, Professor of Women’s Studies and Philosophy at the University of Georgia; Wendy Eisner ’75, Associate Professor of Geography, Environmental Studies, and Women’s Studies at the University of Cincinnati; Elena Glasberg, faculty member in the Writing Program at Princeton University and Adjunct Associate Professor of Women’s Studies at Barnard College; Sherrill Grace, Professor of English at the University of British Columbia and author of Canada and the Idea of North; Elizabeth Hutchinson, Assistant Professor of Art History at Barnard College; Isaac Julien, filmmaker and video artist; Laura Kay, Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Chair of the Women’s Studies Department at Barnard College; Monica Miller, Assistant Professor of English at Barnard College; Connie Samaras, Professor of Studio Art at the University of California; and Gabrielle Walker, award-winning science writer and consultant to the UK Government’s Office of Science.

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