Reproductive Justice in Action

Aisha Domingue, Mary Mahoney, Lauren Mitchell, and Miriam Pérez
Mar 3, 2010 | 6:30pm
Panel Discussion
Sulzberger Parlor
3rd Floor Barnard Hall

New Feminist Activism - protest image

This panel will feature a group of reproductive justice activists and birth doulas who work across the spectrum of pregnancy, birth, and women’s health, connecting the traditional reproductive rights movement with new social justice activism that considers the complete physical, political, and economic well-being of girls and women. Birth doulas, as trained sources of physical, emotional, and educational support, work to empower women and support their reproductive choices. How does childbirth fit into the discussion around reproductive rights, a discussion that is often based around access to abortion and contraception? How can the reproductive justice framework help us consider institutional barriers, such as racism and poverty, that have limited women’s empowerment and decision-making when it comes to their reproductive health?

Panelists include Aisha Domingue, doula coordinator at the Brooklyn Young Mothers Collective; Mary Mahoney, assistant director of the Pro-Choice Public Education Project and co-founder and co-coordinator of the Doula Project; Lauren Mitchell, health educator and co-founder and co-coordinator of the Doula Project; and Miriam Pérez, founder and sole blogger at and editor at

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