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Founded in 1971, the Barnard Center for Research on Women brings together scholars and activists through working groups, public events, publications, and multimedia projects that advance intersectional social justice feminist analyses and generate concrete steps toward social transformation. We are committed to vibrant and engaged educational models that stimulate research, teaching, art, activism, policy, and social change, which in turn impact the way we know and understand the world around us.

Through our work we seek to:

  • Deepen analysis and skills for addressing our current political moment by amplifying black feminist, anti-racist, anti-colonial, feminist, left political thought, practice and critique.
  • Provide material, financial, research, administrative, and promotional support to activists and social justice feminist scholars working on the critical issues of our political moment through the Social Justice Institute.
  • Develop and support intersectional feminist pedagogies with departmental collaborators by engaging students, educators, and other relevant constituencies in curricular initiatives and BCRW projects and publications.
  • Create innovative feminist, anti-racist, activist-educational print and multimedia resources with collaborators in response to important political questions and distribute these resources to students, activists, educators, and artists.
  • Engage in accountable relationships with our communities and contribute to transformative change by building partnerships with organizations, activists, and cultural workers in New York City, across the US, and transnationally.

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Tina Campt, Ph.D., Director
Email: tcampt@barnard.edu | Faculty profile

Tami Navarro, Ph.D., Associate Director
Email: tnavarro@barnard.edu | Research profile

Hope Dector, Creative Director
Email: hdector@barnard.edu

Avi Cummings, Program and Media Manager
Email: acummings@barnard.edu

Pam Phillips, Administrative Assistant
Email: pphillips@barnard.edu

Che Gossett, Community Archivist and Student Coordinator
Email: chegossett@barnard.edu

Research Scholar

Courtney W. Howland ’75 | Scholar Profile

Social Justice Institute

Reina Gossett, Activist-in-Residence
Cara Page, Activist-in-Residence
Tarso Ramos, Activist-in-Residence
Andrea Ritchie, Researcher-in-Residence
Dean Spade BC ’97, Activist-in-Residence 

Senior Activist Fellows, Emerita

Katherine Acey, Senior Activist Fellow | Fellow profile
Amber Hollibaugh, Senior Activist Fellow | Fellow profile

Student Research Assistants

Krish Bhatt ’18
Levi Craske ’18
Nicola Douglas CU ’18
Sona Quigley CU ’18
David Sierra CU ’18

Advisory Board

Debbie Becher, Sociology
Lee Bell, Education
Beth Berkowitz, Jewish Studies
Elizabeth Bernstein, Sociology, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Elizabeth Castelli, Religion
Yvette Christianse, Africana Studies, English
Pam Cobrin, English
Flora Davidson, Political Science, Urban Studies
Rachel Eisendrath, English
Jenna Freedman, Library
Natalie Friedman, Dean of Studies
Abosede George, History, Africana Studies
Katie Glasner, Dance
Kaiama Glover, French
Najam Haider, Religion
Kim Hall, English, Africana Studies
David Hopson, Communications
Maja Horn, Spanish and Latin American Cultures
Janet Jakobsen, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, BCRW
Rebecca Jordan-Young, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Jennie Kassanoff, English, American Studies
Laura Kay, Physics, Astronomy
Gale Kenny, Religion
Tovah Klein, Psychology
Dorothy Ko, History,Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Janna Levin, Physics
Meredith Linn, Urban Studies
Dusa McDuff, Mathematics
Nara Milanich, History
Monica Miller, English, Africana Studies
Kristina Milnor, Classics and Ancient Studies
Shayoni Mitra, Theater
Ellen Morris, Classics and Ancient Studies
Premilla Nadasen, History
Vani Natarajan, Library
Celia Naylor, History, Africana Studies
Walter Neumann, Mathematics
Shannon O’Neill, Library
Stephanie Pfirman, Environmental Science
Anupama Rao, History
Susan Sacks, Psychology
Beth Saidel, Communications
Flora Schiminovich, Spanish and Latin American Cultures
Ann Senghas, Psychology
Herb Sloan, History
Timea Szell, English, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Neferti Tadiar, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Lisa Tiersten, History
Michell Tollinchi, Dean for Academic Enrichment and Community Initiatives
Paige West, Anthropology
Nancy Worman, Classics and Ancient Studies
Mark Nomadiou, WGSS
Mignon Moore, Sociology
Eduardo Moncada, Political science
Belinda Archiborg, Economics
Drew Lipman, History
Anja Tolonen, Economics
Gale Kenny, Religion
Jennie Correia, Library
Maria Rivera Maulucci, Education
Katherine Krimmel, Department of Political Science
Gabri Christa, Department of Dance

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The Barnard Center for Research on Women engages our communities through programming, projects, and publications that advance intersectional social justice feminist analyses and generate concrete steps toward social transformation.

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