Feminist Futures Fund

The Barnard Center for Research on Women just celebrated forty years of feminist action and scholarship this past fall. Help us ensure the success of the next forty years—and beyond—with a contribution to the Feminist Futures Fund, a new initiative that will allow us to continue to grow and develop the programming, special research projects, and innovative collaborations that are the hallmark of BCRW’s work. With your help, we can broaden the impact of our publications and programs on the local, national, and transnational levels. Your contribution will be used to support a number of new and developing projects:

  • An oral history of women with disabilities, based on work developed at last year’s Scholar & Feminist conference, “Movements: Politics, Performance, and Disability.”
  • Our ongoing collaborations with community-based organizations that are producing groundbreaking and vital work on gender, sexuality, race, and class, including Domestic Workers United, Queers for Economic Justice, and Sakhi for South Asian Women.
  • The recently created Transnational Feminisms Initiative, which will draw upon conversations embarked on at the 40th anniversary conference about women’s activism and feminist thought in a transnational context.
  • A new and exciting project that will survey the status and the future of “online feminism,” including blogs, online journalism, and other forms of new media.
  • Collaborations with alumnae and other scholars through our Alumnae Fellows and Visiting Scholars programs.

The Fund will also provide broad support for the cornerstones of our mission and programming: our events and publications, including webjournal The Scholar and Feminist Online and the New Feminist Solutions series. With your support, we can increase the visibility and influence of our work, and provide crucial resources to the next generation of feminist thinkers, theorists, and activists.


The Barnard Center for Research on Women engages our communities through programming, projects, and publications that advance intersectional social justice feminist analyses and generate concrete steps toward social transformation.

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