For Students

Student-Initiated Events Fund

The Student Initiated Events Fund provides the opportunity for any student involved in an activist group at Barnard or Columbia to receive funding from the Women’s Center to bring a local activist or scholar to a student-oriented program to discuss issues of gender, feminism, or women’s lives. Alternately, a student may suggest a topic for a larger Women’s Center program.

To apply, please send the following information to Name of student organization; student contact information; description of the event in as much detail as possible.

For further information, please email the address above or stop by the Center.


Barnard students interested in working as research assistants should stop by 101 Barnard Hall or contact BCRW online at the start of the semester.


The Center houses a collection of research material that includes periodicals, ephemera (conference papers, government reports, manifestoes, and other non-book materials), non-profit organizations’ newsletters and archives of defunct publications from early second-wave feminism. In Spring of 2006, the Center launched “From the Collection”, a series of online exhibits making these valuable materials more widely available. BCRW is currently in the process of creating an online database recording the full contents of the ephemeral collection.

The Barnard Center for Research on Women engages our communities through programming, projects, and publications that advance intersectional social justice feminist analyses and generate concrete steps toward social transformation.

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