Dreams are Colder than Death: Screening & Talk with Arthur Jafa

Featuring Arthur Jafa, Christina Sharpe, Reina Gossett, and Tavia Nyong'o.

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Gloria Joseph and Naomi Jackson: Caribbean Feminisms on the Page

A conversation with Gloria Joseph and Naomi Jackson. Moderated by Kaiama L. Glover.

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Reina Gossett: Making a Way Out of No Way

Keynote address at The Scholar & Feminist Conference 41: Sustainabilities.

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Event Oval, The Diana Center
Feb 11, 2016 | 6:00PM

Black Light: Tom Lloyd, Lorraine O’Grady, and the Effect of Art Historical Disappearance

Krista Thompson

ABOUT THE EVENT Tom Lloyd was a black artist among the first wave working with light and electronic technologies in the 1960s. His early centrality in the mainstream 1960s New York art world is belied by the bare archival and material traces that remain of his work. Taking a cue from performance artist Lorraine O’Grady’s […]

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Double Issue 12.3-13.1
Summer 2014/Fall 2014

The Worlds of Ntozake Shange

Kim F. Hall, Monica L. Miller, and Yvette Christiansë

“The Worlds of Ntozake Shange” highlights Shange’s centrality to black feminism and the continuing impact of her work both within and outside the academy. In addition to working as a poet, novelist, and choreographer, Shange created the choreopoem, a form that links the physicality of dancing and music to the written word. The contributors in this issue examine Shange’s continuing impact on literature, theatre, popular culture, feminist, afrodiasporic and queer movements, with many pointing to her linguistic innovations (for instance, her fluid movement across languages, prominent use of both slashes and lowercase letters) as tools that have proven vital to feminist practice. The “Worlds of Ntozake Shange” draws necessary attention to the fact that this artist has long been a creative force, providing new language and possibilities for both intellectual and artistic productions.

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The Apollo Theater
Jun 14, 2015 | 12:00AM

Just Take the Mic: The Power of Feminist Comedy

Phoebe Robinson, Liz Miele, Emily Schorr Lesnick, Amanda Seales

To attend this panel, purchase Sunday Day Pass here. Just Take the Mic: The Power of Feminist Comedy explores the possibilities of and for feminist comedic performance. Since its founding in 1971, the Barnard Center for Research on Women has been at the forefront of feminist engagement. Our Center promotes women’s and social justice issues […]

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Dare to Use the F-Word
Mar 6, 2015


Released Mar 6, 2015

(Dare to Use The F-Word, Episode 13) In this episode of Dare to Use the F-Word, Research Assistant Michelle Chen '15 interviews Barnard Zine Librarian Jenna Freedman and founder of As[I]Am Jordan Alam '13 on zines as a feminist project. The episode also features interviews with participants at the NYC Feminist Zine Fest 2014, held at Barnard College.


activism, arts, gender, intersectionality, media, writing

Ebonie Smith: Learning STEM through Music Production and the Arts

Closing remarks at The Scholar & Feminist Conference XL - Action on Education.

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James Room
May 1, 2015 | 10:00AM

Why Sex? Why Gender?: Activist Research for Social Justice

A Symposium in Honor of Janet Jakobsen

REGISTER DESCRIPTION PROGRAM Description Click here to register. At BCRW’s “Activism and the Academy” conference in 2011, Ai-jen Poo, Executive Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, pointed out that if those who are dedicated to human rights and social justice continue to organize their efforts in silos “we will never have the power… to […]

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Feb 11, 2015 | 12:00PM

Love and Flames: Legacies of Black Queer and Prison Abolitionist Solidarity with Palestinian Struggle

Che Gossett

In this paper, Community Activist and Student Coordinator Che Gossett examines the legacies of Black queer solidarity with Palestinian struggle by excavating June Jordan and James Baldwin’s archives for what Jose Muñoz called the performative force of the past and its import for current prison abolitionist, Palestinian solidarity and anti-pinkwashing movements. Looking as well at […]

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No Such Thing as Neutral: Lecture Demonstration with Flex & Lite Feet

Lecture demonstration and discussion with Flex and Lite Feet dancers, moderated by Ali Rosa-Salas.

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Scholar and Feminist Online: 12.1-12.2
Fall 2013/Spring 2014

Activism and the Academy

Janet R. Jakobsen and Catherine Sameh

This issue is organized around continuing the conversations that took place between scholars, activists, and scholar/activists at these conferences. In their writing, the contributors take up the discussions begun at the panels and included here in video, so as to shed light on the complexity of oppressions in the current moment—and remind those committed to a more just world to celebrate the good times we’ve had, and imagine those we might create.

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