Bresha Meadows: Survived and Punished

Bresha Measows is a young Black girl incarcerated for defending her life against domestic violence. She is one of tens of thousands of girls and young women locked up behind bars across the United States facing violence at the hands of the criminal punishment system. #FreeBresha, free them all!

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#FreeBresha, Bresha Meadows, criminalization, incarceration, prison abolition, Survived and Punished

Barnard Center for Research on Women

#FreeBresha, Free Them All

Dec 5, 2017

Bresha Meadows learned to fear her father and fear for her life. Throughout her young life, she endured years of his relentless physical and verbal abuse. On countless occasions he threatened to kill her and her family. Years of faded bruises, police reports, orders of protection, stories from neighbors, and allegations of sexual violence attest […]

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#FreeBresha, Bresha Meadows, criminalization, prison abolition, state violence, Survived and Punished