Sep 28, 2017

Katherine Acey

As a Senior Activist Fellow, Katherine Acey researched and developed a project on issues impacting LGBTQ elders, aging in the LGBTQ community, and bridging LGBTQ activist generations. Beginning in 2015, Acey hosted intergenerational convenings with activists who are LGBTQ and/or women to share experiences, knowledge, and individual and collective needs. In January 2016, Acey was […]

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Melissa Louidor, BCRW Research Assistant

Letter to Zora Neale Hurston

Jan 4, 2017

Dear Zora, At twenty-one, by back is already perpetually sore. Every bend, twist, and turn ignites a dull pain deep in my bones. I have lived with this pain for a while now. Each year it has grown in intensity, reaching a new dimension, developing a new expression. I imagine a hole being dug at […]

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Katherine Acey, Melissa Louidor, Ntozake Shange, Zora Neale Hurston

Judith Shapiro Faculty Lounge, 2nd Floor Diana Center
Dec 8, 2016 | 6:00PM

Holiday Party Celebrating Senior Activist Fellows Katherine Acey and Amber Hollibaugh

Please join the Barnard Center for Research on Women at a winter holiday party to celebrate and honor¬†the incredible Senior Activist Fellows Katherine Acey and Amber Hollibaugh. Katherine Acey is a social justice feminist activist whose work has crossed many movements, including LGBT, women’s, and racial justice movements. Her work as a Senior Activist Fellow […]

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