Sulzberger Parlor, 3rd Floor Barnard Hall
Mar 28, 2017 | 6:30PM

The Real Sister Act: Black Catholic Nuns and the Long Struggle to Desegregate U.S. Religious Life

Shannen Dee Williams

The Religion Department at Barnard College is thrilled to host a lecture with Shannen Dee Williams, Assistant Professor of History at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, on the epic journey of Black Catholic sisters in the United States from their fiercely contested beginnings in the 19th century to the present day. In this lecture, Williams will […]

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Black Catholic Diaspora, Black history, Catholicism, Desegregation, Nuns, religion

Nina Ansary: The Untold Story of Women in Iran

Nina Ansary in conversation with Richard Bulliet and Debora Spar.

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feminism, gender, middle east, religion, transnational

Event Oval, Diana Center, Barnard College
Nov 5, 2015 | 6:00PM

The Untold Story of Women in Iran

Nina Ansary '89

ABOUT THE EVENT: BCRW and the Middle East Institute at Columbia University are proud to host author and Barnard/Columbia University alum Nina Ansary in a conversation with Richard Bulliet, Columbia Professor of History and Middle East Studies, on Ansary’s widely anticipated book Jewels of Allah. Based on her doctoral thesis on the women’s movement in […]

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feminism, gender, middle east, religion

Held Auditorium
Oct 1, 2014 | 7:30PM

Censorship and Self-Censorship in India or: How Many Penguins Can Stand On a Book Before It Sinks?

Wendy Doniger

Since Penguin India, under legal attack by Dina Nath Batra, agreed, in February of this year, to cease publication of Wendy Doniger’s book, The Hindus: An Alternative History, much has happened in the world of letters in India (not to mention the election of Narenda Modi, in the world of politics). There have been massive […]

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literature, religion

Earl Hall, Columbia University &
Oct 23, 2014 | 9:00AM

Are the Gods Afraid of Black Sexuality? Religion and the Burdens of Black Sexual Politics

Anthea Butler, Kenyon Farrow, Darnell Moore, Alondra Nelson, Emilie Townes, and more

Registration and full schedule available here. We are living through a moment of tremendous change at the intersection of race, religion, and sexuality, which has significant implications both for those who study and practice religion alike. This conference will bring scholars, activists, and religious leaders together to explore a range of historical and contemporary phenomena […]

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academy, africana, gender, intersectionality, race, religion, sexuality

Barnard College Campus
Jun 18, 2014 | 9:00AM

Women and Community in the Ancien Régime: Traditional and New Media

REGISTER EVENT INFORMATION Event Informaton Click here to register. This three-day conference investigates how women participated in and contributed to different kinds of community in medieval and 
early modern Europe. Featuring presentations based on texts and images in traditional manuscript and print format, as well as work that employs new technology and media projects, the […]

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arts, gender, history, literature, religion, science

Event Oval
Mar 10, 2014 | 6:30PM

Women and Religion

Joan Wallach Scott

By looking at historical material from 19th century France, Joan Scott shows that secularization was not synonymous with women’s emancipation, but 
with the articulation of new justifications for their exclusion from male public worlds. This
 is an important point to make these days because the word secularism is bandied about loosely in public debate, with […]

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gender, history, human rights, religion

At the Intersection of Queer Studies and Religion

Roundtable discussion featuring Kent Brintnall, Patrick Cheng, Ju Hui Judy Han, Sarra Lev, Erin Runions, Max Strassfeld, Heather White, and Melissa Wilcox. Moderated by Janet Jakobsen.

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academy, queer, religion, transnational

Beth Berkowitz – Frontiers in Jewish Studies: The Clever Ox, the Escaping Elephant, and Other Talmudic Animals

Full-length video of Beth Berkowitz's lecture, "Frontiers in Jewish Studies: The Clever Ox, the Escaping Elephant, and Other Talmudic Animals."

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judaism, religion

James Room
Nov 20, 2013 | 6:30PM

At the Intersection of Queer Studies and Religion

As part of a broader research project, “Interdisciplinary Innovations in the Study of Religion and Gender: Postcolonial, Post-Secular and Queer Perspectives,” hosted by Utrecht University, the Barnard Center for Research on Women and the Barnard Department of Religion present a discussion on the intersections of queer and religious studies. How has queer studies in religion […]

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academy, queer, religion, transnational

James Room
Oct 17, 2013 | 6:30PM

Frontiers in Jewish Studies: The Clever Ox, the Escaping Elephant, and Other Talmudic Animals

Beth Berkowitz

Is Judaism good or bad for animals? Beth Berkowitz hopes to bring us beyond this reductive question, with its frequent focus on the first two chapters of Genesis and Jewish dietary laws, to offer instead a more complex approach to the animal in Judaism and to spotlight some less predictable Jewish texts. Professor Berkowitz, newly […]

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judaism, religion

Rights, Religion, and Secularity Salon with Tanika Sarkar

Conversation featuring Tanika Sarkar, Neferti Tadiar, Winnifred Sullivan, and Abosede George. Moderated by Anupama Rao.

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gender, history, human rights, policy, religion, transnational, violence