The Argonauts: A Salon in Honor of Maggie Nelson

Featuring Maggie Nelson in conversation with Christina Crosby, Saidiya Hartman, Sam Huber, and Heather Love. Moderated by Tina Campt.

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Reina Gossett: Making a Way Out of No Way

Keynote address at The Scholar & Feminist Conference 41: Sustainabilities.

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Event Oval, Diana Center
Apr 14, 2016 | 6:00PM

The Argonauts: A Salon in Honor of Maggie Nelson

Maggie Nelson, Christina Crosby, Saidiya Hartman, Sam Huber, and Heather Love

ABOUT THE EVENT In her widely acclaimed memoir, The Argonauts, Maggie Nelson writes, “There is much to be learned from wanting something both ways.” Defying traditional genres, Nelson powerfully weaves theory into a narrative of queer relations and family-making, juxtaposing such supposed opposites as transgressive and normative politics, reproductive and sodomitical motherhood, intellectual and domestic […]

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family, gender, literature, parenting, queer, sexuality, writing

BCRW, 101 Barnard Hall
Apr 20, 2016 | 12:00PM

Invisible Lives, Targeted Bodies: Queer Precarity and the Myth of Gay Affluence

Amber Hollibaugh

ABOUT THE EVENT Queer precarity is a reality. As the wealth gap continues to grow, LGBT/Q people struggle with increasing hardships and economic crisis, alongside the majority of working-class and poor Americans. Economic precarity has necessitated new forms of labor organizing, including worker centers and union–community partnerships. But the particular struggles of queer and gender […]

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Amber Hollibaugh: A Movement for Liberation

Amber Hollibaugh talks about a the importance of a liberation framework centering low-income people and people of color for LGBTQ organizing.

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activism, class, economic justice, gender, intersectionality, politics, queer, race, sexuality

Mar 25, 2016 | 9:00AM

Beyond Bold and Brave Presents the 2016 Black Lesbian Conference: “The Evolution of Our Community”

ABOUT THIS CONFERENCE | CONFERENCE GOALS | MISSION | HISTORY | CONFERENCE PROGRAM | REGISTER | DONATE | BECOME A SPONSOR | COMMUNITY PARTNERS | ABOUT BEYOND BOLD AND BRAVE | CONTACT   ABOUT THIS CONFERENCE Beyond Bold and Brave’s 2016 Black Lesbian Conference: “The Evolution of Our Community” will be a gathering of Transgender and Cisgender Black/African Descent […]

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Double Issue 12.3-13.1
Summer 2014/Fall 2014

The Worlds of Ntozake Shange

Kim F. Hall, Monica L. Miller, and Yvette Christiansë

“The Worlds of Ntozake Shange” highlights Shange’s centrality to black feminism and the continuing impact of her work both within and outside the academy. In addition to working as a poet, novelist, and choreographer, Shange created the choreopoem, a form that links the physicality of dancing and music to the written word. The contributors in this issue examine Shange’s continuing impact on literature, theatre, popular culture, feminist, afrodiasporic and queer movements, with many pointing to her linguistic innovations (for instance, her fluid movement across languages, prominent use of both slashes and lowercase letters) as tools that have proven vital to feminist practice. The “Worlds of Ntozake Shange” draws necessary attention to the fact that this artist has long been a creative force, providing new language and possibilities for both intellectual and artistic productions.

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Scholar and Feminist Online: 12.1-12.2
Fall 2013/Spring 2014

Activism and the Academy

Janet R. Jakobsen and Catherine Sameh

This issue is organized around continuing the conversations that took place between scholars, activists, and scholar/activists at these conferences. In their writing, the contributors take up the discussions begun at the panels and included here in video, so as to shed light on the complexity of oppressions in the current moment—and remind those committed to a more just world to celebrate the good times we’ve had, and imagine those we might create.

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academy, activism, arts, barnard, class, economic justice, education, gender, history, labor, prisons, queer, race, scholar & feminist, sexuality, transgender, transnational

Murphy Institute
Jan 23, 2015 | 9:00AM

Invisible Lives, Targeted Bodies: Impacts of Economic Injustice on LGBTQ Communities

As part of the ongoing Queer Survival Economies project spearheaded by Amber Hollibaugh, this conference works to make visible queer economic realities and survival strategies. Tracks and sessions will include queer perspectives within poor and low-income communities, immigration, the state, and transnational flows of labor; the invisibility of the many queer people working in industries […]

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activism, class, economic justice, gender, immigration, intersectionality, labor, policy, queer, race, sexuality

Earl Hall, Columbia University &
Oct 23, 2014 | 9:00AM

Are the Gods Afraid of Black Sexuality? Religion and the Burdens of Black Sexual Politics

Anthea Butler, Kenyon Farrow, Darnell Moore, Alondra Nelson, Emilie Townes, and more

Registration and full schedule available here. We are living through a moment of tremendous change at the intersection of race, religion, and sexuality, which has significant implications both for those who study and practice religion alike. This conference will bring scholars, activists, and religious leaders together to explore a range of historical and contemporary phenomena […]

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academy, africana, gender, intersectionality, race, religion, sexuality

Sep 16, 2014 | 12:00PM

The Closet

Henry Abelove

Henry Abelove, Willbur Fisk Osborne Emeritus Professor of English at Wesleyan University, will ask and try to answer this question: How and why and in what specific circumstances did the term “the closet”–as connoting a hidden life–first come into use among gay and lesbian Americans? Professor Abelove is the co-editor of The Lesbian and Gay […]

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Dare to Use the F-Word
Jun 23, 2014

Red River Women’s Clinic

Released Jun 23, 2014

(Dare to Use The F-Word, Episode 12) In this episode of Dare to Use the F-Word, Carly Crane '15 interviews 27-year-old Caitlin O'Connell, site coordinator of the Red River Women's Clinic, the only legal abortion provider in all of North Dakota. Caitlin shares with us the challenges of facing anti-abortion protestors and legislation, and how reproductive rights intersect with other economic developments in the state.


activism, policy, reproductive justice, sexuality