James Room
Oct 14, 2010 | 6:30PM

Makeshift Reclamation

Hilary Goldberg, Jessica Hoffmann, Maegan "la Mala" Ortiz, Mariana Ruiz Firmat, Alexis Pauline Gumbs '04, among others

A multimedia event showcasing how contemporary feminists are resisting and creating alternatives not only to gender-based oppression but also to a collapsing economic system, the climate crisis, and more. Featuring live readings, performances, and video works by artists and activists including Jessica Hoffmann, coeditor/copublisher of make/shift; Hilary Goldberg, whose new project, recLAmation, is a Super […]

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activism, arts, economics, environment, gender, media, performance, queer, sexuality, video, writing

Scholar and Feminist Online: 8.3
Summer 2010

Polyphonic Feminisms: Acting in Concert

Mandy Van Deven and Julie Kubala

Contributors include Sara Ahmed, Anida Yoeu Ali, Moya Bailey, Lina Bertucci, Adrienne Maree Brown, brownfemipower, Nuala Cabral, Lindsay Caplan, Joy Castro, Lisa Factora-Borchers, Daniel Horowitz Garcia, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Duchess Harris, Jessica Hoffmann, Julie Kubala, Nomy Lamm, Noemi Y. Molitor, Felicia "Fe" Montes, Jennifer C. Nash, Adele Nieves, Lesleigh J. Owen, Cara Page, Jasmeen Patheja, Marta Sanchez, Larissa Sansour, Lamont Sims, SPEAK! Radical Women of Color Media Collective, Mandy Van Deven, and Mary Jane Villamor.

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activism, arts, class, gender, intersectionality, music, parenting, photography, politics, queer, race, sexuality, video, young feminists

Oct 8, 2009 | 12:00PM

The Place of Contemporary Art

Alexander Alberro

In this lecture, Alexander Alberro, Virginia Bloedel Wright Associate Professor of Art History at Barnard College, explores forms of art and spectatorship that have emerged in the past two decades and are referred to as “contemporary.” The new modes are varied, covering a span from digital productions and sculptural installations that overwhelm cognition and produce […]

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arts, history, media, video

Scholar and Feminist Online: 7.2
Spring 2009

Rewriting Dispersal: Africana Gender Studies

Christine Cynn and Kim F. Hall

Contributors include Nafeesah Allen, Christina Ama Ata Aidoo, Jackee Budesta Batanda, Makini Boothe, Gabri Christa, Yvette Christiansë, Christine Cynn, Angela Davis, Lani Guinier, Kim F. Hall, Werewere Liking, Amina Mama, Celia E. Naylor, Tavia Nyong'o, Hiram Perez, Keisha-Khan Y. Perry, and Kathryn Tobin.

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academy, activism, africana, arts, dance, democracy, education, gender, intersectionality, latina, politics, race, transnational, video, writing, young feminists

Scholar and Feminist Online: 5.3
Summer 2007

Women, Prisons and Change

Gisela Fosado, David Hopson and Janet Jakobsen

Contributors include Patricia Allard, Kai Lumumba Barrow, Janet Baus, Ava Berkofsky, Angela Y. Davis, Michelle Fine, Madeleine Gavin, Tamar Goelman, Rebecca Haimowitz, Chino Hardin, Dan Hunt, Carol Jacobsen, Judith Katz, Kathryn R. Kent, Alex Lee, Vivian Nixon, Sister Helen Prejean, Andrea Ritchie, Deborah Peterson Small, Ellen Spiro, Julia Sudbury, Gary Sunshine, María Elena Torre, Ije Ude, Jan Warren, Kay Whitlock, Reid Williams, and Rebecca Young.

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activism, arts, children, class, economic justice, education, family, film, gender, human rights, intersectionality, parenting, photography, policy, politics, prisons, race, sexuality, transgender, video, violence

Scholar and Feminist Online: 5.2
Spring 2007

Blogging Feminism: (Web)Sites of Resistance

Gwendolyn Beetham and Jessica Valenti

Contributors include Gwendolyn Beetham, Tracy L. M. Kennedy, Hosu Kim, Patricia G. Lange, Mary C. Matthews, Shireen Mitchell, Chris Nolan, Tedra Osell, Clancy Ratliff, Deborah Siegel, Shira Tarrant, Rebecca Traister, Jessica Valenti, Marie Varghese and Gillian Youngs.

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activism, gender, harassment, media, politics, queer, race, sexuality, technology, video, writing, young feminists

Scholar and Feminist Online 3.3-4.1
Fall 2005

The Scholar & Feminist XXX: Past Controversies, Present Challenges, Future Feminisms

Janet Jakobsen & David Hopson

Contributors include Meena Alexander, Dorothy Allison, Amrita Basu, Alison Bernstein, Elizabeth Bernstein, Siobhan Brooks, Leslie Calman, Tammy Rae Carland, Staceyann Chin, Ann Cvetkovich, Leslie Feinberg, Rebecca Haimowitz, Amber Hollibaugh, Janet Jakobsen, Temma Kaplan, Surina Khan, Jenny Kern, Elaine Kim, Rachel Maddow, Terry O’Neill, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Barbara Ransby, Kumkum Sangari, Heisoo Shin, Lateefah Simon, and Faye Wattleton.

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academy, activism, archives, arts, barnard, class, democracy, education, film, gender, history, human rights, intersectionality, labor, literature, media, music, photography, policy, politics, queer, race, scholar & feminist, sexuality, technology, transgender, transnational, video, women's movement, writing, young feminists

Scholar and Feminist Online: 2.1
Summer 2003

Public Sentiments

Ann Cvetkovich and Ann Pellegrini

Contributors include Nieves Ayress, Jean Carlomusto, Mary Marshall Clark, Anne Cubilié, Ann Cvetkovich, Judith Halberstam, Roger Hallas, Alyssa Harad, Marianne Hirsch, Sharon Holland, Jonathan Kalb, Sarah Jones, Rachel C. Lee, Daphne Lei, Peter Lucas, Meg McLagan, Lorie Novak, Ann Pellegrini, Jorge Ramos, Janelle Reinelt, Steven Reisner, Jane Rosett, Rebecca Schneider, Anna Deavere Smith, Kathleen Stewart, and Jason Tougaw.

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activism, afghanistan, archives, arts, emotion, gender, history, intersectionality, literature, peace, performance, photography, public feelings, queer, race, scholar & feminist, sexuality, transnational, video, violence, war

SF Online: 1.3
Winter 2003

Changing Focus: Family Photography and American Jewish Identity

Laura Levitt

Contributors include Marlene Booth, Michelle Citron, Muriel Hasbun, Marianne Hirsch, Joanne Leonard, Laura Levitt, Lorie Novak, and Ruth Ost.

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archives, arts, family, film, history, immigration, judaism, media, photography, religion, video