What’s On Your Plate? The History and Politics of Food

Panel discussion featuring Hilary Callahan, Kim F. Hall, Deborah Valenze and Paige West. Moderated by Elizabeth Castelli.

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africana, anthropology, biology, class, economic justice, economics, environment, health, history, intersectionality, policy, politics, race, science

Building and Rebuilding Societies in Africa

Plenary featuring Lila Abu-Lughod, Rabab El-Mahdi, Jane Bennett, and Penelope Andrews. Moderated by Rosalind Morris.

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academy, activism, africana, class, economic justice, gender, history, human rights, intersectionality, media, policy, politics, queer, race, transnational, violence

The Feminist Ethnographer’s Dilemma

Panel featuring Orit Avishai and Lynne Gerber. Moderated by Margot Weiss.

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activism, Christianity, gender, intersectionality, judaism, policy, queer, sexuality, transgender

Campus Activism

Panel featuring Abigail Boggs, Debanuj Dasgupta, Stephanie Luce, Sandra K. Soto, and Jesse Kadjo. Moderated by Catherine Sameh.

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academy, activism, africana, class, economic justice, education, gender, immigration, intersectionality, labor, latina, policy, politics, queer

Academic / Activist Partnerships in Mexico

Panel featuring Marisa Belausteguigoitia Rius, Rían Lozano de la Pola, Lorena Wolffer, and Helena López. Moderated by Margaret Cerullo.

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academy, activism, arts, class, education, gender, intersectionality, latina, queer, race, transnational

Using Knowledge, Advancing Activism

Panel featuring Rinku Sen, Jamia Wilson, and Dean Spade. Moderated by Laura Flanders '85.

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academy, activism, africana, class, economic justice, education, gender, immigration, intersectionality, labor, media, politics, prisons, queer, transgender, writing

Social Justice and Civic Engagement in the Classroom

Panel featuring Dara J. Silberstein, Leslie Simon, Jerilyn Fisher, and Stephanie Gilmore. Moderated by Susannah Bartlow.

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academy, activism, class, disability, economic justice, education, gender, intersectionality, labor, latina, policy, queer, violence

Mamphela Ramphele

"Forwarding Feminism" keynote address at Activism and the Academy: Celebrating 40 Years of Feminist Scholarship and Action.

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activism, africana, economic justice, education, gender, history, intersectionality, labor, politics, race, transnational, violence

Expanding Feminism: Collaborations for Social Justice

Plenary featuring Ai-jen Poo, Sydnie L. Mosley, Amber Hollibaugh and Ana Oliveira. Moderated by Janet Jakobsen.

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academy, activism, africana, arts, barnard, class, economic justice, education, history, intersectionality, labor, queer, transnational, writing

Transnational Feminisms Across the Americas

Panel featuring Ximena García Bustamante, Ariella Rotramel, Anahi Russo Garrido, and Sasha Taner. Moderated by Temma Kaplan.

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academy, activism, class, economic justice, environment, gender, history, intersectionality, latina, politics, queer, race, transnational

Archives and Activism: The Contemporary Turn

Panel featuring Jenna Freedman, Alana Kumbier, and Kate Eichorn. Moderated by Emily Drabinski.

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academy, activism, barnard, class, education, gender, intersectionality, literature, media, photography, queer, race, sexuality, writing

Women’s Literature and Feminist Learning

Panel featuring Leslie Calman, Heather Hewett, and Stephanie Staal. Moderated by Lori Rotskoff.

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academy, barnard, education, gender, literature