Alisha Walker: Survived and Punished

Alisha Walker is in prison for defending her life. #FreeAlisha

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Alisha Walker, criminalization, sex work, Survived and Punished

Ky Peterson: Survived and Punished

Ky Peterson should be free, but right now he is in prison for defending his life against physical and sexual assault.

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#freeky, Ky Peterson, prison abolition

Paris Knox: Survived and Punished

Paris Knox is a 38-year-old Black mother sentenced to 40 years in prison for defending her life against an abusive ex-partner.

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criminalization, Paris Knox, prison abolition, Survived and Punished

The Ability to Live: What Trump’s Health Cuts Mean for People with Disabilities

In this video, Patty Berne and Stacey Milbern discuss the Trump administration’s proposed Medicaid cuts and the disastrous effects these cutswill have on people with disabilities, cutting “right to the core of being able tolive.” The budget priorities and cuts of right-wing and fascist regimes reveal volumes about who is valued and viable in a society and who is not. The Trump administration’s proposed cuts to Medicaid declare people with disabilities, poor people, young […]

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ableism, disability, medicaid

Ableism is the Bane of My Motherfuckin’ Existence

Activists Patty Berne and Stacey Milbern expand on the disability justice framework and the need for a politicized understanding of ableism within a context of racism, classism, colonialism, and heteropatriarchy.

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ableism, capitalism, classism, criminalization, disability, disability justice, heteropatriarchy, incarceration, institutionalization, medical industrial complex, misogyny, prison industrial complex, racism, white supremacy

My Body Doesn’t Oppress Me, Society Does

Disability justice activists Patty Berne and Stacey Milbern discuss social models of accessibility and the social, economic, and physical barriers that render physical impairments disabling in an ableist society.

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ableism, capitalism, disability justice, heteropatriarchy, racism, white supremacy

Nevertheless, She Persisted: Barnard Students Read Coretta Scott King’s Letter

Barnard students read the letter by Coretta Scott King that Senator Elizabeth Warren was blocked from reading during the Senate confirmation hearing of Trump Attorney General Jefferson Sessions.

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democracy, gender, history, policy, politics, race

Hortense Spillers – Shades of Intimacy: Women in the Time of Revolution

Full length lecture.

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africana, gender, history, race, violence

In the Wake: A Salon in Honor of Christina Sharpe

Christina Sharpe in conversation with Hazel Carby, Kaiama Glover, Saidiya Hartman, Arthur Jafa, and Alex Weheliye.

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africana, gender, history, queer, race, violence, writing

Don’t be a Bystander: 6 Tips for Responding to Racist Attacks

Bystander intervention that does not rely on the police.

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