The Ability to Live: What Trump’s Health Cuts Mean for People with Disabilities

In this video, Patty Berne and Stacey Milbern discuss the Trump administration’s proposed Medicaid cuts and the disastrous effects these cutswill have on people with disabilities, cutting “right to the core of being able tolive.”

The budget priorities and cuts of right-wing and fascist regimes reveal volumes about who is valued and viable in a society and who is not. The Trump administration’s proposed cuts to Medicaid declare people with disabilities, poor people, young people, and elders to be disposable and under attack.

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This video is part of the series “No Body is Disposable,” produced by BCRW and Sins Invalid, a disability justice-based performance project centering disabled artists who are people of color, queer, trans, and/or gender nonconforming. These videos were made by Dean Spade and Hope Dector. Learn more about the series here. 

For more on the intersections between ableism, white supremacy, colonialism, capitalism, and heteropatriarchy, and disability justice tools and tactics that center disabled people of color and queer, trans, and gender non-conforming disabled people, download  “Disability Justice – A Working Draft,” by Patty Berne in Sins Invalid’s “Skin, Tooth, and Bone: A Disability Justice Primer.”

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