Katherine Acey

As a Senior Activist Fellow, Katherine Acey researched and developed a project on issues impacting LGBTQ elders, aging in the LGBTQ community, and bridging LGBTQ activist generations. Beginning in 2015, Acey hosted intergenerational convenings with activists who are LGBTQ and/or women to share experiences, knowledge, and individual and collective needs. In January 2016, Acey was awarded the Sage National LGBTQ Aging and Leadership Award from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force at the annual Creating Change Conference. During this time Acey also served as Executive Director of GRIOT Circle, an organization by and for LGBTQ elders of color based in Brooklyn. As an Emerita Fellow, Acey continues her work documenting intergenerational activism and the issues impacting LGBTQ elders drawing on the reflections of fellow travelers and her own over four decades of organizing in LGBTQ, Palestine solidarity, Black liberation, and other social justice movements.

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