Voices of a Women’s Health Movement

Laura Eldridge ’01, Helen Lowery, Lauren Porsch ’01, Leonore Tiefer, and Irene Xanthoudakis ’01

Voices of a Womens Health Movement

Science journalist Barbara Seaman (1935-2008) spent the last forty years of her life on the front lines as a women’s health advocate. Throughout her career, she was also a tireless supporter of other women’s voices. The recently published anthology Voices of a Women’s Health Movement, co-edited by Seaman and her long-time collaborator, Laura Eldridge, brings together an essential collection of essays, interviews, and commentary by leading activists, writers, doctors, and sociologists on topics ranging across reproductive rights, sex and orgasm, activism, motherhood and birth control. Contributors to the book will discuss the rich history of this movement and its continued significance in struggles for reproductive rights today. Panelists include:

Laura Eldridge ’01 is co-editor of Voices of a Women’s Health Movement, and author of In Our Control: The Complete Guide to Contraceptive Choices for Women.

Helen Lowery has worked as a legal advocate at a rape crisis center and as an attorney in the area of reproductive rights and women’s health.

Lauren Porsch ’01 is a reproductive and sexual health activist, educator, and researcher with extensive experience working on access to health care for traditionally marginalized communities.

Leonore Tiefer PhD, is an author, educator, researcher, therapist and activist who has specialized in many areas of sexuality.

Irene Xanthoudakis ’01 is Manager of Major Gifts for the Ms. Foundation. Her professional experience includes tenures with organizations ranging in size from grassroots groups to national foundations.

A reception and book signing will follow the discussion.

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