Voices of a Women’s Health Movement

The recently published anthology Voices of A Women’s Health Movement (Seven Stories Press, 2012), co-edited by women’s health advocate Barbara Seaman (1935-2008) and her longtime collaborator Laura Eldridge, brings together an essential collection of essays, interviews, and commentary by leading activists, writers, doctors and sociologists on topics ranging across reproductive rights, sex and orgasm, activism, motherhood, and birth control. In this panel discussion, some of the book’s contributors discuss the rich history of this movement and its continued significance in struggles for reproductive health today.

Panelists include Laura Eldridge ’01, Helen Lowery, Lauren Porsch ’01, Leonore Tiefer, and Irene Xanthoudakis ’01. This discussion took place on February 15, 2012 at Barnard College in New York City.

The video presented by Leonore Tiefer can be viewed on youTube.

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