What We’re Reading: Reminders of War, Home Health Workers, What Makes a Family, and Culture as a Toolbox

A quick look at what caught the attention of BCRW Staff last week…

We’re Still at War, Mother Jones Magazine

The Mother Jones‘ “Photo of the Day” offers a daily visual reminder that the United States is effectively still at war – no words necessary.

This article was picked out by Hope, our New Media Manager.

Chart depicting how labor laws around extending minimum wage and overtime projections to domestic workers vary across U.S. states

Home health workers sweat Obama rule on pay, by Tony Pugh

For almost forty years, professional home health care workers have been excluded from overtime and minimum wage requirements. A proposed change to this loophole could benefit nearly 1.8 million workers in the nation’s fastest-growing occupation, but activists have become concerned that the slow process will spell doom for reform.

This article was picked out by Janet, our Director.

Image of two women with a girl, reading on the amtrak train.

 Amtrak ‘Ride With Pride’ Campaign Releases Two Gay-Friendly New Ads

Amtrak’s new advertising campaign spotlights same-sex parents. Supported by the federal government, Amtrak’s symbolic move follows a number of changes made recently by the executive branch to better support LGBT people. Yet as Terry Boggis reminds us in “A New Queer Agenda,” LGBT families come in many shapes and sizes that remain unrepresented in Amtrak’s bid for customers.

This article was picked out by Pam, our Administrative Assistant.

What It’s Really Like to Eat at Atlantic Dinner Parties by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates examines the idea of culture as a toolbox, “a set of practices which people adopt to make sense of their environment.” Looking at this argument with a feminist lens, one might think of traditionally gendered qualities such as assertiveness and empathy, which may develop in a particular cultural context in which these qualities are seen as useful or harmful. Also interesting is Coates’ discussion, in the comments of this post, on how his thought process develops in conversation with his community of readers – a topic extremely relevant to BCRW’s Digital Community Formation Roundtable, coming this fall.

This article was picked out by Anne, our Program Manager.


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