Oct 17, 2013 | 6:30PM
James Room
4th Floor, Barnard Hall

Frontiers in Jewish Studies: The Clever Ox, the Escaping Elephant, and Other Talmudic Animals
Beth Berkowitz

the ingeborg, tamara, and yonina rennert women in judaism forum

Is Judaism good or bad for animals? Beth Berkowitz hopes to bring us beyond this reductive question, with its frequent focus on the first two chapters of Genesis and Jewish dietary laws, to offer instead a more complex approach to the animal in Judaism and to spotlight some less predictable Jewish texts. Professor Berkowitz, newly arrived Ingeborg Rennert Chair of Jewish Studies in Barnard’s department of religion, discusses the emerging field of scholarship called animal studies and … Read more

Oct 23, 2013 | 12:00PM
101 Barnard Hall

Faustilla the Pawnbroker and Other Tales of Gender and Finance in the Early Roman Empire
Kristina Milnor

lunchtime lecture

This lecture discusses female involvement in the public management of money during the first century of the Roman Empire. An ideology of gendered “separate spheres” was prevalent in the ancient world, emphasizing the importance of women’s place in the private, domestic realm, while assigning the space of business and finance to male citizens. Yet significant evidence exists that women did participate in financial transactions, both on micro- and macro-levels, from Faustilla the pawnbroker’s … Read more

Nov 6, 2013 | 6:00PM
Schapiro Studio
615 West 115th Street, Basement

Maya Krishna Rao

dance performance and discussion

Maya Krishna Rao performs Ravanama, an excerpt from her solo piece on an actor in search of a character, Ravana, and The Walk, an applied theatre piece made in response to the December bus rape case in Delhi. … Read more

Nov 7, 2013 | 12:00PM
101 Barnard Hall

Sexual Difference in a Time of Terror
Ellen Mortensen

lunchtime lecture

On July 22, 2011, Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people and wounded many others in a bombing and mass shooting in Norway motivated by his extreme right-wing ideology. In his manifesto, “2083: A European Declaration of Independence,” Breivik identified cultural Marxism, Islam, and feminism as the main causes of Europe’s decay. Arguing for the superiority of the white, European race, and the dangers of immigration and religious plurality for Europe’s future, Breivik denied the value of … Read more

Nov 14, 2013 | 6:30PM
Ella Weed Room
223 Milbank Hall

Mathematics and Beauty
Mina Teicher


Does beauty have a mathematical foundation? If so, can machines learn to identify it? Mina Teicher, professor of mathematics and neural computation at Bar-Ilan University, traces the mathematics behind beauty from the Golden Age in Spain to the 21st century, from the essence of visual experience to machine “vision,” in order to explore what beauty means to mathematicians today. With 140 scientific papers in mathematics, complex systems, neuroscience, bio-medicine, computer vision, and … Read more

Nov 20, 2013 | 6:30PM
James Room
4th Floor Barnard Hall

At the Intersection of Queer Studies and Religion


As part of a broader research project, “Interdisciplinary Innovations in the Study of Religion and Gender: Postcolonial, Post-Secular and Queer Perspectives,” hosted by Utrecht University, the Barnard Center for Research on Women and the Barnard Department of Religion present a discussion on the intersections of queer and religious studies. How has queer studies in religion shaped the field more generally? What epistemological contributions does a queer approach facilitate? What are the social … Read more