Event Oval
Jan 30, 2013 | 6:30PM

Feminism and Beyond: Young Feminists Take on Activism and Organizing

Lena Chen, Jessica Danforth, Dior Vargas, Sydnie Mosley ’07, Julie Zeilinger ’15, and Dina Tyson ’13

Young feminists have long battled invisibility. Countless media articles bemoan young women’s lack of activism or suggest that movements that “go viral,” like SlutWalk or Occupy Wall Street, have come out of nowhere. In fact, feminism among young people is as active as ever, constantly pushing boundaries both inside and outside feminist communities and engaging […]

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activism, gender, history, intersectionality, politics

Barnard College
Sep 28, 2013 | 12:00PM

Gender Amplified Music Festival

Workshops & Performances by THEESatisfaction, Alluxe, and Genesis Be

The Gender Amplified Music Festival will celebrate women in music production, their works, and their stories. This event will bring women from around the United States together for a free, day-long festival in New York City to discuss the state of women in music production, brainstorm ways to increase their visibility, and to make music. […]

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