Digital Community Formation

Jon Beller, Brittney Cooper, Gail Drakes, Dana Goldstein, Courtney Martin, Renina Jarmon
Oct 9, 2012 | 6:30pm
Roundtable Discussion
Event Oval
The Diana Center
Co-Sponsors: For the Public Good

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Academics and writers alike have long worked within established processes for peer-review and editing. But both are now confronted with a rapidly shifting landscape in which online channels provide new opportunities for feedback, networking, and collaborative knowledge production. In this roundtable discussion, panelists will speak on how digital media changes their work by looking at modes of fostering productive dialogue online, the political and ethical impact of letting ideas develop in the public eye, and how blogs and other digital outlets are changing traditional methods of research, collaboration, and publication.

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Jonathan Beller (moderator) is Professor of Humanities and Media Studies at Pratt Institute. He is the author of several books, including The Cinematic Mode of Production: Attention Economy and the Society of the Spectacle, and the editor of the forthcoming Scholar & Feminist Online issue, “Feminist Media Theory: Iterations of Social Difference.”

Brittney Cooper is an Assistant Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers University. She is co-founder of and blogger for The Crunk Feminist Collective, and is at work on her first book project, Race Women: Gender and the Making of a Black Public Intellectual Tradition, 1831-Present. Twitter: @ProfessorCrunk

Gail Drakes is an interdisciplinary scholar in History and American Studies, focusing on the cultural implications of intellectual property law and African-American historical memory. She previously served as a consultant to the social justice philanthropy portfolio at the Ford Foundation and as the Program Officer for the OUT Fund at Funding Exchange, an activist-advised fund which supported LGBTQI-led social justice organizing efforts. Twitter: @gaildrakes

Dana Goldstein is a journalist who writes about education, politics, women’s issues, cities, and public health. She is also a Schwartz Fellow at the New America Foundation and a Puffin fellow at The Nation Institute. She is at work on a book about the political history of American public school teaching, and was previously an associate editor at The Daily Beast and The American Prospect. Twitter: @danagoldstein

Courtney E. Martin ’02 is an author, blogger, and speaker. Her most recent book, Project Rebirth: Survival and the Strength of the Human Spirit from 9/11 Survivors, was published last fall. She is Editor Emeritus at, Founding Director of the Solutions Journalism Network, Partner at Valenti Martin Media, a social media strategy firm, and is currently collaborating with BCRW on a project to further the sustainability and impact of online feminism—see #femfuture. Twitter: @courtwrites

Renina Jarmon is a scholar, instructor, blogger, and a curator of digital black feminisms. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Women’s Studies at the University of Maryland. Her research interests are women’s sexuality in popular culture and the retention of Black women within STEM careers. Twitter: @ReninaCortez

Co-sponsored by For the Public Good.

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