Mesoamerican Biodiversity, Green Imperialism, and Indigenous Women’s Leadership in Defense of Territory

North American Biodiversity, Territorial Dispossession, and Indigenous Women’s Responses

The overlap between bio-diverse and indigenous geographical areas of the world has led to a new wave of territorial dispossession. This conference will explore new forms of indigenous feminism and feminist agency being forged in the current round of struggles for the protection of territory and autonomy in Mexico and other parts of the world. Indigenous women’s leadership in Mexico is transforming gendered relations within their communities, as well as race relations among indigenous activists and feminists. This conference will bring together indigenous legal scholars, feminist activists, anthropologists, geographers, and economists from all over Mexico and will also expand the reach of conversation and analysis to other parts of Latin America, the United States and places like Canada, Papua New Guinea, Australia and Africa.

Co-sponsored with New York University’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Latino Studies, and Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, and the Institute for Latin American Studies at Columbia University.