Pedagogy of the Dispossessed: Decolonization and the Struggle for Democracy

Sandy Grande
Feb 18, 2009 | 12:00pm
Lunchtime Lecture
101 Barnard Hall

Sandy Grande

The post 9-11 deployment of unfettered neoliberalism (i.e. deregulation, privatization, downsizing, outsourcing) has led to a plethora of critiques of the U.S. as ushering in a new rise in empire building, global imperialism, and disaster capitalism. Examining the notion of the “American Empire,” from an indigenous perspective, Sandy Grande, associate professor of education at Connecticut College and visiting associate professor and director of of the education department at Barnard, argues that while it may be necessary to continually analyze the colonialist project through contemporary lenses, it is critically important to perceive its current incarnations as an extension of, rather than a departure from the historical project that began in 1492.

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