Annual Report

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The Barnard Center for Research on Women brings together faculty, students, administrators, community members, activists, artists, and alumnae to produce and distribute feminist knowledge on campus, in New York City, nationally and globally.

Over forty years of experience building collaborative projects, programs, and publications have distinguished us as a preeminent center for social justice feminism. In all our activities, from programming to publishing, we bring a nuanced, synthetic analysis to issues that are all too often examined through a single-issue lens or from a particular disciplinary set of research questions and methods. In this fifth decade of the BCRW’s existence, we aim to capitalize on our existing strengths in ways that both expand and redefine what it means to be a feminist research center in the 21st-century.

We are committed to vibrant and engaged educational models that stimulate research, teaching, activism, policy, and social change, which in turn, impact knowledge.

BCRW affords scholars the time and space necessary for research and writing, while organizing colloquia and workshops that allow collaborating activists to participate in the production of innovative feminist practices.

We are unique among feminist research centers in bringing together scholars and activists who use innovative forms of feminist knowledge and critique to generate concrete steps toward social transformation.

The range of projects we have supported over the past forty-plus years has given us a distinctive profile – one that exceeds traditional definitions. We are a knowledge center that serves a unique function by formulating critical questions about what knowledge is and who is allowed or encouraged to produce it. We utilize multiple forms of engagement, including working groups, institutional collaborations, public events, the production of publications and other digital teaching materials, and individual fellowships and research scholar positions.

The Barnard Center for Research on Women engages our communities through programming, projects, and publications that advance intersectional social justice feminist analyses and generate concrete steps toward social transformation.

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