Towards a Vision of Sexual and Economic Justice

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Sexual oppression and economic oppression are inextricably linked, but the movements and theoretical frameworks that address each of these issues so often treat them as discrete. Contemporary movements for global economic justice tend to shy away from sexuality issues, while campaigns for sexual rights rarely foreground economic concerns. In some spheres, however, the gap is beginning to close. BCRW highlights these potential intersections with its new project entitled Towards a Vision of Sexual and Economic Justice. The project has several components, the first of which was a public lecture featuring renowned feminist scholar and activist Josephine Ho and award-winning, world renowned journalist, syndicated columnist and internationally best-selling author Naomi Klein. A one-day colloquium followed the public lecture and brought together these two leaders alongside a distinguished group of scholars and activists working on the mutual configuration of sexual and economic justice. The project concluded with a series of publications, including the fourth report in our New Feminists Solutions series, summarizing the outcome of these discussions and disseminating them to academic and activist circles in order to further develop the debates around sexual and economic justice.

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