NYU Department of Social and Cultural Analysis
Oct 19, 2011 | 9:30AM

Mesoamerican Biodiversity, Green Imperialism, and Indigenous Women’s Leadership in Defense of Territory

The overlap between bio-diverse and indigenous geographical areas of the world has led to a new wave of territorial dispossession. This conference will explore new forms of indigenous feminism and feminist agency being forged in the current round of struggles for the protection of territory and autonomy in Mexico and other parts of the world. […]

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activism, anthropology, economics, environment, human rights, indigeneity, latina, policy, race, transnational, violence, war

802 IAB, 420 West 118th Street
Nov 12, 2009 | 5:00PM

Indigenous Women and Zapatismo: New Horizons of Visibility

Márgara Millán

The presence of women in the ranks of contemporary Zapatismo is a feature that has become visible in various ways, and which the insurgent movement has had to integrate. Sub-commander Marcos is not making light of the issue when he states that women belong in Zapatismo not because it is a feminist movement, but because […]

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activism, economic justice, gender, indigeneity, violence

Feb 18, 2009 | 12:00PM

Pedagogy of the Dispossessed: Decolonization and the Struggle for Democracy

Sandy Grande

The post 9-11 deployment of unfettered neoliberalism (i.e. deregulation, privatization, downsizing, outsourcing) has led to a plethora of critiques of the U.S. as ushering in a new rise in empire building, global imperialism, and disaster capitalism. Examining the notion of the “American Empire,” from an indigenous perspective, Sandy Grande, associate professor of education at Connecticut […]

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democracy, economic justice, education, indigeneity

Feb 20, 2008 | 12:00PM

Choreographing Women’s History: Aztec Ritual Dance

Paul Scolieri

Choreography memorializes women’s history. In this lecture, Paul Scolieri, Assistant Professor of Dance at Barnard, explores this idea with his interpretations of ancient Aztec women’s ritual dances. He will argue that the configuration of dance, death and femininity in the visual and written descriptions of women’s dances throughout indigenous and colonial discourses uniquely represents the […]

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arts, dance, gender, history, indigeneity, performance, religion, sexuality