Public Feelings Salon with Lauren Berlant

Just as feminism has sought to identify the ways in which the personal and the political are linked, the study of “public feelings” draws our attention to how and why feelings and emotion (assumed to be a private, personal experience) influence politics and notions of social belonging and intimacy. This interactive conversation, moderated by Janet Jakobsen, features Lauren Berlant, José Muñoz, Ann Pellegrini and Tavia Nyong’o.

The discussion was so lively and rich, we decided to extend it by inviting more scholars and activists to chime in. You can read their responses here, plus a reply by Berlant. And you can also join the conversation when it continues on our blog in January 2013 at

TDR CoverAn expanded version of Jill H. Casid’s essay has been published in a special issue of TDR on “Precarity and Performance,” guest edited by Rebecca Schneider and Nicholas Ridout (TDR 56:4 T216 Winter 2012). The issue also includes an article by Public Feelings Salon panelist Tavia Nyong’o and comments from Lauren Berlant as part of a roundtable discussion with Judith Butler, Isabell Lorey, and others. You can access the article and the entire issue here.


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