A Love During the War

Osvalde Lewat-Hallade
Feb 26, 2008 | 6:00pm
Screening and Discussion
324 Milbank Hall

Osvalde Lewat-Hallade

A Love During the War is a docudrama following the experiences of Aziza, a journalist who is separated from her husband when the Democratic Republic of Congo erupts into civil war. Aziza reunites with her husband in Kinshasa, but the memory of the horrors suffered by other women during the war still haunts her. Despite her husband’s protests, she returns to Eastern Congo to find that the legacy of violence continues to infect the lives of women young and old. However, not everyone remains a victim as women have started denouncing the abuses they suffered.

Osvalde Lewat-Hallade started her career as a journalist. She produced her first documentary, Upsa Yimoowin or The Pipe of Hope, in Toronto in 2001. That film denounces the sidelining of Native Americans. Her second film, Beyond the Pains, was made in 2003 and is based on the life of a prisoner who was sentenced to four years in jail for a minor crime and ends up being imprisoned for 33 years. Beyond the Pains was the recipient of the TV Film Prize at the Avanca City Festival and of the Human Rights Prize at the Vues d’Afrique Festival in Montreal. A Love During the War, her latest documentary film, won two jury mentions in Fespaco and the Montreal Film Festival. She has just completed a feature film, Black Business.

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