Situating Transnational Feminism in a Changing Theoretical Landscape

Recent feminist theory calls into question the efficacy of critique and the stories undergirding our collective feminist work. Arguably, transnational feminist work has long constituted a multi-dimensional space of analysis, one attentive to affect and materialism in its multiple guises and one eschewing “paranoid readings” and “streamlined stories.” Given the unique background of this sphere, how might we situate our work in relation to these broader shifts within the academy? Is the central focus of our work critique and should critique continue to animate our work?

Panelists include Attiya Ahmad, Toby Beauchamp, Nadia Fadil, Tate LeFevre, and Shayoni Mitra. Moderated by Tina Campt.

This panel was part of The Scholar & Feminist Conference XXXIX – Locations of Learning: Transnational Feminist Practices.

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